About Us

This year, Californians across our state will act to change the course of our country.

California — the biggest and most diverse state in our nation — has achieved solutions that other states can’t imagine. We’ve shown that if the wealthy pay their fair share, it benefits everyone. We’ve passed new laws to respect immigrants, make criminal justice more just, and dramatically increase access to health care. We also know that there’s much more to do so that all Californians can care for and support their families — so that all our communities can thrive.

In November our country will elect a new Congress, and California is in a unique position to put a check on the Trump Administration. Instead of governing by and for the people, Republicans in Congress — including many from California districts – are harming working families to give huge tax breaks to the to the millionaires, billionaires, and corporate CEOs who pay for their political campaigns.

We will change this. We send more Republicans to Congress than any state except Texas and Florida, and seven of them represent districts won by Hillary Clinton. In November, Californians will have better opportunities than people in any other state to replace those politicians with new leaders who will stand up to Trump and stand up for working families.

That means we count more than ever.

California counts for an economy and democracy that works for all, not just the wealthy few. California counts for health care that is affordable and accessible, and for sensible laws that will make our schools and communities safe from the threat of gun violence. California counts for protecting us from policies that tear families apart simply because of where people come from. And California counts so that everyone has a chance to follow their dreams regardless of what they look like or the community they call home.

When we stand up, show up, and are counted, Californians will elect representatives who will stand up for California values.


#CaliforniaCounts is a project of Courage Campaign SuperPAC. Courage Campaign is the largest progressive organization in California with 1.4 million members and is dedicated to making our state a progressive model for the country. You can learn more about Courage Campaign at our website.