Why CA-10 Matters

Oakdale, Manteca, Modesto, Tracy, & Turlock

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The Solution

Democratic Candidate


Josh Harder

  • Will fight for Medicare-for-All and a health care system that provides affordable, accessible, high-quality care for everyone
  • Believes climate change is an emergency, and will stand up to corporate polluters who threaten the air we breathe and the water we drink
  • Won’t be intimidated by the NRA and will vote to end gun violence by passing common sense safety measures

The Problem

Candidate to Defeat

Jeff Denham


Jeff Denham

  • Voted to dramatically increase the cost of insurance and kick millions off health care by supporting Trumpcare
  • Climate change denier who claims “we don’t have complete factual information yet” on the topic
  • NRA score of A for opposing gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent the Las Vegas massacre

Why CA-10 Counts

Rep. Denham has spent much of his time in office voting against the needs of his district and voting for his donors’ interests. Here’s a snapshot of how he has been misrepresenting his constituents:

Health Care: Over 114,000 residents of Denham’s district receive health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act and support it, but he voted for Trumpcare which would have increased the cost of insurance and kicked millions off their current coverage.

Gun Safety: The NRA gives Denham an A for opposing common sense gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent the Las Vegas massacre and other violent acts. He’s also accepted almost $20,000 from them.

Tax Reform: Denham voted in favor of Trump’s Tax Scam which gave tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, while hurting the working class families in his district and across the nation.

Housing: Over half of his district has considered moving out of the area because housing has become too expensive. Meanwhile, Denham accepted almost $393,000 from the real estate industry and voted to end the Home Affordable mortgage program which helps low-income families avoid foreclosure.

Environment: Pollution has led to an epidemic of childhood asthma in District 10, yet Denham claims “we don’t have complete factual information yet” on climate change. He voted against bills that would protect clean water, shield farmworkers from dangerous pesticides, and ensure more efficiency in creating health and environmental safeguards — all while taking over $1.1 billion from Big Ag and $500,000 from Big Oil.

Denham is deeply out of sync with his constituents and they are ready for a change. Join us in winning back his seat and giving them the representative they — and the rest of the nation — deserve.