District CA-21

Bakersfield, Sanger, Selma, Hanford, Delano, Avenal, Firebaugh, Mendota, Kerman, Easton, Caruthers, Riverdale, Laton, Lemoore, Coalinga, Corcoran, Tipton, Pixley, Alpaugh, Earlimart, Terra Bella, McFarland, Lost Hills, Wasco, Shafter, Butto

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David Valadao

  • Voted to dramatically increase the cost of insurance and kick millions off health care by supporting Trumpcare
  • Voted for the Trump tax law which gives tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations instead of to working families in his district
  • Voted to gut funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs
Learn more about Valadao and how he has been misrepresenting his district for the past five years.

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Why CA-21 Counts

"Valadao’s votes are not aligned with our communities, and I’m ready to use my voting power."
- Rodrigo, Mendota

The 21st district spans the San Joaquin Valley from Bakersfield to Delano to Hanford and beyond. It’s a primarily working class area that has not been properly represented for the past five years. In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton won this district by almost 16%.

About 18,700 veterans live in this district, as well as approximately 68,600 people who are living with disabilities. There are about 207,000 immigrants living in District 21, 7,400 of whom are “Dreamers” — undocumented Californians who were brought to the U.S. from another country when they were young children. The people in this area see housing costs as one of the biggest issues they and their neighbors are facing — a problem which Rep. Valadao has actually made worse. A majority of residents in this area also support the Affordable Care Act (almost 122,300 District 21 residents receive health care through the ACA), but he has consistently voted to strip them of their health care.

District 21 is comprised of Bakersfield, Sanger, Selma, Hanford, Delano, Avenal, Firebaugh, Mendota, Kerman, Easton, Caruthers, Riverdale, Laton, Lemoore, Coalinga, Corcoran, Tipton, Pixley, Alpaugh, Earlimart, Terra Bella, McFarland, Lost Hills, Wasco, Shafter, Buttonwillow, Greenfield, and Arvin. By demographic, 71% are Latinx, 19% are white, 5% are Black, and 4% are Asian or Pacific Islander.

"2018 is an opportunity to take a step forward, away from the direction the 2016 election has taken our country."
- Ruth, Hanford

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More on David Valadao

Rep. Valadao has spent much of his time in office voting against the interests of his own constituents.

A majority of people living in District 21 oppose repealing current health care law. But that didn’t matter to Rep. Valadao who voted for Trumpcare, which would have significantly increased the cost of insurance for almost everyone and kicked millions off their current coverage. He claimed it would “greatly benefit the Central Valley.” His constituents clearly do not agree. Valadao has also voted to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood. He has strongly supported the oil and gas industry in California, which isn’t surprising once you learn that he has accepted over $200,000 from the industry since he’s been in office.

The NRA has given Rep. Valadao an A for standing with them in policy matters, and he’s also accepted $20,000 from them during his time in office. He has used that deadly partnership to oppose common sense gun safety legislation. After the Las Vegas massacre, the only thing Valadao had to offer were prayers, not action. In response to the student walkouts to protest gun violence — of which thousands of students and their allies across the nation participated — he stated, “I’m never a supporter of kids walking out of schools.”

Rep. Valadao voted in favor of Trump’s tax reform bill. Instead of helping the working class families in his district (almost a quarter of which are living in poverty), the tax reform bill gives tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations. He even went so far as to claim that the reform was “a real relief for families.” Valadao isn’t any better at voting in his constituents’ interest when it comes to housing. Costs have risen so much that over half of District 21 residents have considered moving out of the area altogether. Meanwhile, he has voted in line with the real estate industry by allowing realtors to hide fees from homebuyers, making mobile home ownership more expensive for low-income families, voting for bills that make foreclosure more likely, and making it difficult for buyers to protect themselves from predatory and discriminatory loan lenders.

Valadao’s failures in representing District 21 go on and on. There are about 18,700 veterans living in his district, but he voted to take funding away from the Department of Veteran Affairs. He voted to gut the Americans with Disability Act, setting rights for people living with disabilities back decades and making it more difficult to make businesses create accommodations for them. Over 68,600 of his constituents are people living with disabilities.

Rep. Valadao is deeply out of sync with his constituents and the people of District 21 are ready for a change. Join us in winning back his seat and giving them the representative they deserve.

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