Why CA-25 Matters

Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, & the San Fernando Valley

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The Solution

Democratic Candidate


Katie Hill

  • Will fight for a health care system that provides affordable, accessible, high-quality care for everyone
  • Believes equitable tax reform is needed to help working class families and ensure the wealthy are paying their fair share
  • Won’t be intimidated by the NRA and will vote to end gun violence by passing common sense safety measures

The Problem

Candidate to Defeat

Steve Knight


Steve Knight

  • Voted to dramatically increase the cost of insurance and kick millions off health care by supporting Trumpcare
  • Voted for the Trump tax law which gives tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations instead of to working families in his district
  • NRA score of A for opposing gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent his constituents’ deaths in the Las Vegas massacre

Why CA-25 Counts

The 25th district has not been properly represented for the past three years, leading to 56% of the district disapproving of Knight’s representation. Here’s a snapshot of how Knight is misrepresenting his constituents:

Health Care: Almost 90,000 residents of Knight’s district receive health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act and support it, but he voted for Trumpcare which would have increased the cost of insurance and kicked millions off their current coverage.

Immigration: Sixty-four percent of Knight’s constituents support providing legal status to Dreamers — 2,900 of whom live in his district — but he has not taken any meaningful action against Trump’s decision to deport them to countries they have never truly known. Most residents also oppose the border wall, but Knight supports it.

Gun Safety: The NRA gives Knight an A, and he’s also accepted $15,000 from them. He opposes common sense gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent the Las Vegas massacre — including the deaths of some of his own constituents.

Tax Reform: Knight voted in favor of Trump’s Tax Scam which gave tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, while hurting the working class families in his district and across the nation. The bill also eliminates tax deductions for fire victims, which will hit District 25 hard with its high rate of wildfires.

Environment: He’s been silent on Trump’s offshore drilling plan even though 61% of his constituents oppose it. Meanwhile, he accepted $20,000 from Chevron. His constituents have also led campaigns to shut down gas storage facilities like Aliso Canyon which created a massive environmental disaster that will last decades, but he still supports the operation of these facilities.

Rep. Knight is deeply out of sync with his constituents, and the people of District 25 are ready for a change. Join us in winning back his seat for the sake of not only his district, but also the rest of the nation.