District CA-45

Irvine, Tustin, North Tustin, Villa Park, Orange, Anaheim Hills, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Rancho Santa Margarita, & Mission Viejo

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Rep. Mimi Walter


Mimi Walters

  • Voted to dramatically increase the cost of insurance and kick millions off health care by supporting Trumpcare
  • NRA score of A for opposing common sense gun safety legislation
  • Voted to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood
Learn more about Walters and how she has been misrepresenting her district for the past three years.

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Why CA-45 Counts

"California leads the country. I am proud to live in an area where my children will be accepted as mixed race people."
- Amy, Irvine

The 45th district spans Orange County from Irvine to Tustin and the hills beyond. It is made of a diverse population that represents the changing demographics of Orange County. In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton won this district by over 5%. About 29,100 veterans live in this district, as well as approximately 55,300 people who are living with disabilities. Over 225,000 immigrants live in District 45, 3,200 of whom are “Dreamers” — undocumented Californians who were brought to the U.S. from another country when they were young children. The people in this area see housing costs and homelessness as some of the biggest issues they and their community members are facing — a problem which Rep. Walters has actually made worse.

About 69,000 District 45 residents receive health care through the Affordable Care Act and many of them are also concerned about how the new tax plan will affect them. Rep. Walters has consistently voted against them on these issues.

District 45 is comprised of Irvine, Tustin, North Tustin, Villa Park, Orange, Anaheim Hills, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Mission Viejo. By demographic, 53% are white, 22% are Asian or Pacific Islander, and 19% are Latinx.

"Our “Representative”, Mimi Walters, has focused on the interests of her Party and donors. We must elect people who work for us – ALL of us."
- Anna Marie, Mission Viejo

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More on Mimi Walters

Rep. Walters has spent much of her time in office accepting money from Big Oil, the NRA, the real estate industry, and other lobbyists — and then votes in their interests rather than her own constituents’. She rarely even gives them the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Over 69,000 people living in District 45 would lose health care if Rep. Walters has her way. She voted for Trumpcare which would have significantly increased the cost of insurance for almost everyone and kicked millions off their current coverage. She also voted for a bill that would allow states to defund Planned Parenthood. In the meantime, she has accepted almost $285,000 from Big Pharma throughout her career. Walters has voted to loosen the rules for energy companies to reduce waste and emissions and also voted against a policy that would keep groundwater safe from contaminants. Furthermore, she has strongly supported Trump’s offshore drilling proposal that could greatly harm California’s environment and co-sponsored a bill that states our country should not mitigate the effects of climate change. Despite seemingly supporting those who were affected by California’s wildfires, she introduced legislation that cuts tax deductions for fire victims.

Immigration is another issue where she and her constituents — many of whom are immigrants themselves — often disagree. Walters actually voted to give authorities more power to deport and deny admission to immigrants who are only suspected of being in gangs. She also voted to penalize areas that implement sanctuary policies to protect immigrants. Over 225,000 of Walters’ constituents were not born in the United States.

The NRA has given Rep. Walters an A for standing with them in policy matters. She has used that deadly partnership to oppose common sense gun safety legislation time and time again, voting against the desires of her constituents for laws that would help protect them and their loved ones from gun violence.

Her constituents voiced their opposition to Trump’s tax reform bill, but Rep. Walters ignored them and voted in favor of it. Instead of helping the working class families in her district, the tax reform bill gives tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations. Walters isn’t any better at voting in her constituents’ interest when it comes to housing. She has accepted over $406,000 dollars from the real estate industry and has voted in line with them by allowing realtors to hide fees from homebuyers, making mobile home ownership more expensive for low-income families, voting for bills that make foreclosure more likely, and making it difficult for buyers to protect themselves from predatory loan lenders.

Walters’s failures in representing Orange County are endless. There are about 29,100 veterans living in her district, but she voted to take funding away from the Department of Veteran Affairs. She voted to gut the Americans with Disability Act, setting rights for people living with disabilities back decades and making it more difficult to make businesses create accommodations for them. Over 55,300 of her constituents are people living with disabilities.

Rep. Walters is deeply out of sync with her constituents and she’s shown no signs of changing. Join us in winning back her seat and giving her constituents the representative they deserve.

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