Why CA-49 Matters

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The Solution

Democratic Candidate


Mike Levin

  • Will fight for Medicare-for-All and a health care system that provides affordable, accessible, high-quality care for everyone
  • Plans to work on immigration reforms that include citizenship and protection from deportation for undocumented immigrants
  • Won’t be intimidated by the NRA and will vote to end gun violence by passing common sense safety measures

The Problem

Candidate to Defeat



Diane Harkey

  • Opposed expanding Medicaid coverage for over a million Californians
  • Supports Trump’s border wall and stands against California’s sanctuary state law
  • NRA score of A for opposing gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent many violent acts

Why CA-49 Counts

Diane Harkey has consistently stood against progressive values. Here’s a snapshot of how she voted as a California Assemblymember and how she would continue Darrell Issa’s legacy of misrepresenting the people of District 49 after he retires this year:

Health Care: Harkey voted to allow insurance companies to drop coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, is against requiring health care plans to cover essential benefits like emergency services and prescription drugs, and opposed expanding Medicaid coverage for over a million Californians — all this after accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Immigration: She opposes California’s sanctuary state law that shields immigrants from harmful policies and ensures that anyone, regardless of immigration status, can use public services like schools and courthouses without being intimidated by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She also supports Trump’s border wall.

Gun Safety: The NRA gives Harkey an A for opposing common sense gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent many violent acts.

Harkey was already deeply out of sync with her constituents as an Assemblymember, and she’d do even more damage as a member of Congress. Join us in winning back this seat to give District 49 the representative they — and the rest of the nation — deserve.