Why CA-50 Matters

Fallbrook, San Marcos, Valley Center, Ramona, Escondido, Santee, Lakeside, El Cajon, & Temecula

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The Solution

Democratic Candidate


Ammar Campa-Najjar

  • Will fight for a health care system that provides affordable, accessible, high-quality care for everyone
  • Supports immigration reforms that include a path to citizenship and a clean DREAM Act
  • Believes in women’s rights and will fight for equal pay, reproductive rights, more educational opportunities, and protection from violence

The Problem

Candidate to Defeat

Duncan Hunter


Duncan Hunter

  • Currently under federal indictment for corruption, including fraud and misuse of $250,000 in campaign funds
  • Voted to dramatically increase the cost of insurance and kick millions off health care by supporting Trumpcare
  • Voted for the Trump tax law which gives tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations instead of to working families in his district

Why CA-50 Counts

Rep. Duncan Hunter spends his time voting in favor of the major corporations and wealthy groups that fund him, rather than his constituents. Here’s a snapshot of how he misrepresents his district:

Health Care: Almost 96,000 residents of Hunter’s district receive health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act, but he voted for Trumpcare which would have increased the cost of insurance and kicked millions off their current coverage.

Gun Safety: The NRA gives Hunter an A for opposing common sense gun safety legislation that could have helped prevent the Las Vegas massacre and other violent acts.

Tax Reform: Hunter voted in favor of Trump’s Tax Scam which gave tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, while hurting the working class families in his district and across the nation.

Despite the fact that California is a sanctuary state, Hunter voted to prohibit federal grants to areas with sanctuary city policies. Over 143,000 of his constituents were not born in the United States.

Hunter is deeply out of sync with his constituents, and they are ready for a change. Join us in winning back his seat and giving them the representative they — and the rest of the nation — deserve.